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Farmland Investing

Investments Too Big to Be Lost

Why Invest In Farmland?

For thousands of years land has acted as a stable, high yielding place to store wealth and create income. It has been a store of value for the noblest and wealthiest among us. True wealth has long been attained and maintained in tangible assets such as land and the commodities it produces that can be enjoyed for generations.

Keep your investments where you can see them

What makes land different?

  • Demand: There is a finite amount of land and a growing population. Demand for land, commodities, resources, and real estate will become further in demand and prices will continue to rise.
  • A diverse investment: There are lots of ways to invest in land. Rising prices of agricultural commodities and rental income for farmlands, create more ways than ever to capitalize on land.
  • Protected against inflation: No other investment with the exception of gold can hedge inflation quite like farmland. Trusted and preserved for generations, farmland produces regardless of inflated markets and is one of few investments that does not have an artificial value placed on it by humans and the market. Land’s value is its nature of being finite and essential as opposed to dispensable and desirable.
  • Stability unlike the stock market: Historically, farmland has always acted as an unwavering tangible asset that produces tangible commodities that have proven to be in high demand regardless of the economy, markets, or inflation.
  • High returns: Not only is land one of the most stable and reliable investments that your family can enjoy for generations, it also has some of the highest returns of any investment offering numerous avenues to capitalize on any given parcel.
  • Tax benefits: Unlike real estate, land isn’t seen to “depreciate” as it typically will be seen as more and more valuable each year but crops, farm enterprises, equipment, and machinery can be used as a tax haven for the savvy investor.
  • A Legacy: Land stands the test of time and is the only investment that is truly a legacy that can be enjoyed for generations.

Why Invest with us?

With years of experience in real estate development, management, and investing as well as farm sales and management,  we know the importance and benefits of land ownership and have the tools to make it a reality for you!

While the obvious benefits of owning land have changed very little over time, an investor’s ability or desire to fit farming into their busy lives has changed drastically. With modern technology and an innovative approach to asset management, we are proud to offer farmland as a tangible asset to investors with no farming experience, farmland access, or knowledge of farms or crops.  We make land ownership and stewardship accessible for everyone by hand-selecting the best land, managing the land for maximum yields, cultivating the land, and handing the investor stress-free returns.